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Mary Novakovich

Award-winning journalist and travel writer

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My formative years were spent in Canada but within the confines of a very Serbian family. I didn’t even speak English until I started school. Some¬†years ago I returned to university to study French, and I’ve since learnt Italian to approximately GCSE level. I also have the equivalent of a German O-level from many years back. You might gather I have a thing for languages, which I put to good use with my travel writing.

I do have proper qualifications as a journalist, as it happens. I have a diploma in broadcast journalism from Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada, from sometime in the dark ages, and in my 20s I studied for a degree in English at the University of London. All of this has come in handy in my various jobs, including five years spent at the Radio Times in London. I stayed at the BBC but “crossed the fence” for three years; i.e. I worked in press and publicity at BBC Bristol flogging the virtues of BBC1, BBC2 and Radio 4 programmes to the nation. When I went freelance in 1997 I returned to the journalistic side of the fence, although my time spent in PR proved invaluable.

I now have the typically varied freelance portfolio: writing, editing, researching in many media. I do love print media, although I have worked in both radio and television over the years. Inevitably, my online portfolio has grown massively over the years, with much of my work coming from travel websites.